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For a cook, sharing recipes, ideas, and inspiration is definitely well-suited to a video format. However, these opportunities are not often extended equally to everyone. Discrimination in the cooking industry, especially where TV and video are involved, has stifled the creativity of diverse contributors since the field’s inception. Paula Deen’s lawsuit, Bon Appétit’s scandal, and the controversies surrounding various restaurants are just a couple of the more high-profile incidents. In the following paragraphs, I will enumerate several of these notable incidents that have occurred throughout recent history.

TL;DR: The sacred fan-creator relationship has traditionally been fostered through personal narratives on recipe blogs. But in 2021, there is a better way.

Let’s talk about the Recipeasly scandal that happened earlier this year.

A seemingly well-to-do tech guy announced he and a couple of buddies launched a “fix” for the dreaded accoutrements that come with free recipes: narratives and display ads on food blogs.

This *personal* announcement from Redman was met with severe backlash from creators and acute commentators everywhere:

I’ve read countless articles and opinion pieces commenting on this issue, and can sum…


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